There’s a lot to digest here. Obviously, we’ve got the classic ball and glove logo featured, which is great. I fully expect it to retake the throne as the primary logo within the next three years, as the Brewers go through their inevitable rebrand that accompanies every team emerging from a down cycle. However, we have it being fused with the Brewers current look, with navy blue on the hat and jersey and the script across the chest getting the retro yellow treatment. I think I like it in theory, but we’ll have to wait to see what it looks like on the field.

Of course, I’m burying the lede here, because the real story isn’t what the Brewers will be wearing next year, but rather what they will no longer be wearing. Gone, hopefully for good, are the *ahem* “gold” jerseys that have been Milwaukee’s alternate look for the past few seasons. The Brewers current look is generally looked upon as somewhat bland, yet inoffensive. But man, those dijon mustard jerseys were just the worst!

No. No they were not the worst.

The five jerseys below make the Brewers’ alternate uniforms look like they came off the rack at Brook’s Brothers. These are the uniforms that prompt your daughter to ask you, “Daddy, how come there’s clowns on the field today? Is this the circus?” These look like someone handed the PS3 controller to a baby duck in the uniform design section of the Create a Franchise mode in MLB: The Show 2008. Folks, don’t give your video game equipment to ducks. Ducks don’t know how to play video games, and even if they did, they’ve got no thumbs. Really, I shouldn’t need to explain this to you.

As Brew Crew Ball’s leading fashion expert, I present the indisputable list of the five worst baseball jerseys of all time.

Honorable Mention: Turn Ahead the Clock Night

Look, if I allowed these uniforms to be included in the actual rankings, they’d fill the entire thing up, because there’s a lot of them, and they are all absolutely brutal. This one, which resembles the pinnies you had to wear for your after-school youth basketball league in middle school, is the worst of the bunch, but if you’re feeling up to it, go ahead and click through to the flickr album that’s got them all. Turn Ahead the Clock Night was the brain child of the Seattle Mariners marketing department in 1999, all of whom have obviously been replaced given their recent streak of excellent fan giveaways and their dynamite social media team. The promotion spread league-wide in 1999, with 20 of the league’s teams sporting monstrously bad uniforms on July 27th.

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