Look for stores that exclusively sell used fitness equipment.

Search online to see if there is a retailer near you that sells used fitness equipment. Some stores, such as Play It Again, buy back old fitness equipment and sell it in their stores. Primo Fitness also sells used fitness equipment. If there is a retailer near you, call them to ask if they have the type of equipment you’re looking for. Since they sell used equipment, they might not always have certain items in stock.

Keep an eye out for yard sales and estate sales in your area. Join a Facebook group for your area that alerts its members of upcoming yard sales. There are also websites, such as YardSaleSearch.com, that help people advertise their yard sales and find yard sales in their areas

Search online classified pages, such as Craigslist.com and eBay.com. Craigslist has a special section for sporting goods. Filter your results so that you are only seeing results in your general area. If you don’t see what you want immediately, keep checking back every few days. Sellers are constantly adding new ads to Craigslist. There is also a way to filter your search results on eBay so that you only see sellers in your area. Looking for people selling equipment in your area will make it easier to pick up the equipment and avoid expensive shipping costs.

Call local pawn shops. The inventory of a pawn shop depends on what people sell to the pawn shop and what the pawn shop chooses to accept. Find local pawn shops online or in the phone book. Call to ask if they have the fitness equipment that you’re looking to buy.

Look at newspaper classifieds. Newspaper classified pages have a myriad of things that people are looking to sell. Consider putting your own classified ad in the newspaper, asking for the type of fitness equipment you want to buy. Some people who may have forgotten about their fitness equipment or just haven’t considered selling it might see your ad and respond.

See if any gyms in your area are closing. Look in the newspaper and online for any notification about gyms that are shutting down for good. Gyms that are closing often sell their used (but typically high quality) fitness equipment at a deep discount.

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